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Ծագումը: Բացահայտում

A story of human courage and our beginnings

Մարդկային արիության և մեր ծագման պատմությունը








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Areni and the Vayots Dzor Province of Armenia

Areni Village and old Arpa River bridge (looking west)

Old Areni School

Surb Astvatsatsin Church (1321)

Areni-1 Cave entrance and oldest winery in the world

Noravank Monastery (1205)


Smbataberd Fortress, Vayots Dzor (5th century)

 Orbelian's Silk Road Caravanserai, Vayots Dzor (1332)

Mermaid's Hair, Jermuk Thermal Springs, Vayots Dzor

Areni-1 Cave 6,100 year old archaeological site

Oldest Areni Villager

Old Areni Selsoviet (Communist rural council) Office

Areni Sliding Rock



Ten of the World's Best Wine Trails

'History in a Glass' Smithstonian Institute article

How Armenia's winemaking Heritage is being rejuvenated


Silk Road Wine Trail Celebration

The world’s first Christian nation and home of the oldest winery welcomed visitors to ancient Armenia for a celebration on 29 September 2016 to unveil the Silk Road Wine Trail and observe our ‘Adopt-a-Village’ programme to assist poor Armenian villagers.


29 September 2016 AAV Celebrations

Karas Monument unveiling , start of the Silk Road Wine Trail, Rind

Tree planting by diaspora and officials, Rind

Opening of a kindergarten playground, Rind (photo: Armenian diaspora from Thailand who kindly provided the funding)

Placing a sign of historical features for tourists, Areni

Historical buildings sign, Areni

Sports equipment for school children, Areni

Planting of trees, Areni

Erection of the Shatin Village AAV sign with the Australian diaspora and Shatin village head

New rubbish bins, Shatin

English language books, Shatin


Other AAV Events

Arsine and Zohrab Istanboulian donating Lebanese pines, Rind