Origins: Discovery

Ծագումը: Բացահայտում

A story of human courage and our beginnings

Մարդկային արիության և մեր ծագման պատմությունը








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Armenia is a small, ancient nation between Turkey and Iran (documentary). The green, mountainous terrain of the Armenian Highlands form the southern flanks of the Caucasus Mountains, and sit astride the arid regions of Eastern Anatolia and Western Iran. The capital Yerevan has wonderful views of biblical Mt. Ararat on a nice day.

It is a land of ancient people and secrets (the world's oldest winery at Areni was discovered there). Before Christ the Kingdom of Armenia once spread from the Mediterranean Sea to the Black Sea and Caspian Sea. 

Armenia was the first Christian country in 301CE, and Armenians practice their own brand of Orthodox Christianity. There are strong links with Russia, as the nation used to be part of the Soviet Union. So apart from Armenian with its unique alphabet, many have Russian as a second language.

The Silk Road from China to Europe traversed Armenia, and many beautiful Armenian crafts such as carpets and jewellery found their way to Europe along this ancient highway. Welcome to Amazing Armenia, with its many unique instruments such as the duduk, dance and timeless intrigue of festivals, as featured in Origins: Discovery!

Wild Flowers

Mermaid's Hair, Jermuk

Areni-1 winery, 6,100 year old archaeological site

Armenian villager

Armenian dancer

Etchmiadzin Cathedral (301)

Gandzasar (1238), Artsakh

Ararat (Masis) and Khor Virap

Storks, Artashat

Noravank Monastery (1205)

Orbelian's Caravanserai (1332)

Smbataberd Fortress, 5th century

Garni Temple (77)

Sevanavank (874) and Lake Sevan