Origins: Discovery

Ծագումը: Բացահայտում

A story of human courage and our beginnings

Մարդկային արիության և մեր ծագման պատմությունը








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News and Announcements

01 January 2020: tourism video release.

03 July 2019: meetings with the IDeA Foundation CEO Rafi Baghdjian and the Heads of Armenian Aviation and Tourism Tatevik Revazian and Susanna Safaryan.


09 April 2018: meeting with Zarmine Zeytountsian, Chairperson of the State Tourism Committee.

14 March 2018: 2018 AAV Project Press Release

19 May 2017: meeting with the Armenian Ministry of Economic Development and Investments (Tourism Board).

18 May 2017: meetings with the villagers of Rind, Shatin, Areni and Khachik and the Governor of Vayots Dzor Province.

17 May 2017: meetings with the Armenian Ministries of Culture and Diaspora, and the Armenian Church at Etchmiadzin.


31 January 2017: Nepalese government endorsement

29 September 2016: unveiling of the Silk Road Wine Trail Karas Monument at Rind-Yelpin, Vayots Dzor.

29 September 2016: Adopt-a-Village sign is erected at Shatin village, Vayots Dzor, Armenia with the Australian diaspora and friends.

07 June 2016: the Armenian Church formally endorses our Adopt-a-Village Project and urges the Armenian diaspora to get involved.

31 December 2015: The Integrity Index is released

30 December 2015: Christmas and New Year greetings and blessings for our projects from Bishop Haigazoun Najarian, Primate of Diocese of the Armenian Church of Australia and New Zealand.

11 December 2015: we are proud to announce the commencement of the first Adopt-a-Village trial at Areni, Vayots Dzor by the New Zealand Diaspora.

29 October 2015: meeting with Chhay Visoth, Director of the Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum, Phnom Penh, to discuss our idea of an Association of Genocide Museums to promote mutual assistance and recognition of genocide. This was the site of atrocities suffered by victims such as Chum Mey (one of only a handful of people to survive) during the Cambodian genocide as a torture prison and death camp.

July 2015: Anahit Bakhshyan, Public activist, Stepan Safaryan, Head of the Armenian Institute of International and Security Affairs, and Svetlana Sahakyan, Head of Department of External Relations, Culture Ministry of Armenia.

30 April and 01 May 2015: Areni Head Sergey Suqiasyan and Vayots Dzor Governor Harutyun Sargsyan, and Deputy Diaspora Minister Serzhik Srapionyan pledging support to the Origins project (we also briefed the Ministry on our 'Adopt A Village' suggestion).

24 April 2015: privileged to be representing the Consulate of the Republic of Armenia, Kingdom of Thailand and the Diaspora for the centenary of the Armenian genocide.

22-23 April 2015: we attended the Global Forum: Against the Crime of Genocide. In the images from top left are Vladimir Poghosyan (Armenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs), American genocide expert Professor Roger Smith, prominent Rwandan speaker Esther Mujawayo-Keiner, and at bottom right legal expert and civil rights author Geoffrey Robertson QC, who was at the Armenian Prime Minister's reception.

10 January 2015: Presentation of the novel Origins: Discovery to His Excellency Armenian Ambassador to the UAE Gegham Gharibjanyan and also to His Eminence Archbishop Haigazoun Najarian.

12 November 2014: we were honoured by the presence of Professor Verjine Svazilian, Leading Researcher, Museum-Institute of the Armenian Genocide, and author of The Armenian Genocide at the official release of the Armenian language version of Origins: Discovery, Yerevan, Armenia.

4 November 2014: Origins: Discovery is endorsed by the Gateway to Armenia, Zvartnots International Airport.


27 October 2014: Origins: Discovery is endorsed by Armenian corporation ARMATS.

25 October 2014: Origins: Discovery is endorsed by the Yerevan State University.

16 October 2014: the paperback version of Origins: Discovery is available at Amazon and Amazon European stores.

24 August 2014: the First Edition of the English language version of Origins: Discovery is published at Amazon and Bookbaby.

Media Events

22 December 2018: news article and video.

01 August 2017: news article and video.

19 June 2017: Armenian Ministry of Diaspora article.

June 2017: Garoon magazine article.

06 December 2016: news article and video.

13 October 2016: news article and video.

12 October 2016:  JAM news article and video.

01 October 2016: Republic of Armenia Ministry of Diaspora article.

28 September 2016: Public TV1 Armenia interview (from 19 minutes 45 seconds).

26 September 2016: Shant TV interview  
(from 54 minutes 45 seconds).

19 December 2015: JAM news article.

16 December 2015: Vem Media article.

15 December 2015: Republic of Armenia Ministry of Diaspora article.

14 December 2015: MediаMax news article.

03 November 2015: radio interview on SBS Radio, Australia
(open the file using Windows Media Player or similar that plays MP3).

24 September 2015: Armenian National Library ARMBOOK EXPO (Armenian Book Exposition).

22 September 2015: article.

21 September 2015: article.

26 July 2015: news article.

14 May 2015: New Zealand RSA Review news article 650 Page Moment of Madness - Origins Discovery and the Armenian Genocide.

06 May 2015: news article.

03 May 2015: news article.

27 April 2015: Armenian Ministry of Diaspora article

24 April 2015: news article.

24 April 2015: MIR (Russian TV) interview. 

24 April 2015: Shant TV interview.

24 April 2015: news article.

23 April 2015: Heinrich Boell Foundation article.

14 February 2015: recognition of our work by the Republic of Armenia's Ministry of Culture.

11 February 2015: article.

11 February 2015: MediаMax news article.

04 February 2015: interview with Arpi Vanyan.

18 December 2014: the National Library of Armenia recognises Origins: Discovery as part of its collection on works related to the Armenian genocide.

06 December 2014: the Armenian Mirror-Spectator news article.

25 November 2014: radio interview on SBS Radio, Australia (open the file using Windows Media Player or similar that plays MP3).

17 November 2014: article on the Azatutyun radio station website.

13 November 2014:  televised event on Shant TV, Yerevan (watch the video from 20:15).

12 November 2014: ARMENPRESS, Ankakh, Eritasard news articles.

8 September 2014: Origins: Discovery worldwide publishing Press Release.

3 September 2014: Origins: Discovery in the news in Armenia!