Origins: Discovery

Ծագումը: Բացահայտում

A story of human courage and our beginnings

Մարդկային արիության և մեր ծագման պատմությունը








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Paperback Format

Origins: Discovery is available for purchase in print-on-demand version paperback
format at the following outlets with the normal retail prices (not including any
applicable taxes or shipping):

United States of America and worldwide: USD $22.99

United Kingdom: GBP 13.99

Europe (Germany, Spain, France, Italy): EUR 17.99

allows customers to order hard copies of the novel in classic US Trade paperback format size without having to go to a bookstore by using advanced printing technology, direct to your address!

Specifications: 152mm x 228mm, 1.1kg, 668 pages.

ISBN-13: 978-1502746306 and ISBN-10: 1502746301.

Paperback Images and Hyperlinks

As the print-on-demand paperback format is in black and white, images will not be in colour. However, you can find links to colour pictures from the novel below:

Hyperlinks for the paperback are as follows (links and videos not guaranteed):