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A story of human courage and our beginnings

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The Adopt-a-Village Project

Transforming Armenian Villages using Transparent Projects - Reconnecting the Diaspora

List of Micro-Projects

The following micro-projects may be considered as examples for other villages and diaspora. More comprehensive lists of micro-projects may be available on the Adopt-a-Village Facebook pages.




Agriculture and Diversification

1. Fruit tree planting - Areni, Shatin villages (different types of fruit trees were purchased from individual villagers).

2. Pine nut tree planting - Areni, Rind and Shatin villages (pine trees imported from Lebanon, thanks to Arsine Istanboulian).


Craftwork Industry

1. Handicraft market, Chiva village (not yet started). 

Information and Computer Technology

1. Solar panels to charge cellphones and laptops for villagers herding livestock in remote places - Shatin village (supplied by Shtigen LLC, Armenia, in progresss).



1. Kindergarten playground equipment - Rind village (supplied by Magnon OJSC, Armenia).

2. Language courses - Shatin village (English books, discs and stationery to enable courses to be conducted by volunteers).

3. Educational games - Areni, Rind and Shatin villages (Len Wicks).

4. Sports equipment - Areni and Rind villages (Len Wicks).



1. Karas monument - Chiva-Rind villages (a collaborative micro-project by Husik Sahakyan, Zorah Wines and Len Wicks).

2. Beautification of the village entrance - Shatin village.

3.Installation of historical place signs - Areni village.

4. Installation of rubbish bins to keep the village clean - Rind village