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Empowering Rural Armenian Women (ERAW)

Much has changed in urban Armenia. The younger generation are increasingly engaging with the outside world – and even holding senior positions within government. However, some are challenged by these changes. Disproportionate levels of women are unable to find work, compared to other post-Soviet States. In addition, traditionally, Armenian rural families have preferred boys instead of girls, in the mistaken belief that boys have more value than girls in a rural work environment.

Moreover, in Armenian villages, instances of family violence, especially associated with depression and alcohol, are still evident. Rural women are also often stereotyped solely as homemakers even in educational material, and lack real employment opportunities. Much work remains to be done for Armenia to have the benefit of empowering its women.

Our Initiatives

Our initiatives are summarised as follows.

1) ICONS - Initiatives to promote women who have made a difference to the lives of their fellow Armenians as icons, to encourage women and men to acknowledge the vital contribution of women.

  • A first initiative could be a campaign to place a prominent Armenian woman on a dram banknote.

2) ERAW Conference - a special high-profile media event or events, to discuss and promote policies that empower women.

  • Conference objectives may include the need for a formal advisory body to provide recommendations from the Conference(s) to the diaspora, local and central government.

3) Educational Activities - initiatives and outreaches that help to convey new ideas to empower, protect and motivate women (but not to disadvantage any other part of society).

  • An example of conveying new ideas is the educational book Armenian Wonderwomen.

  • An example of protecting women so they feel safe and have more opportunities is the need to address domestic violence as provided in the SafeYOU application.

  • Educational initiatives that address societal expectations which unfairly pressure women with respect to their partners, relations, and family planning and how this may affect opportunities for women.

  • Development of women’s sports, especially in rural villages, to change mindsets as to what women can achieve.

4) Economic Opportunities for Women - special activities that support the development of work opportunities for women.

  •  Special fund-raising activities that support the development of work opportunities for rural women under the AAV initiative.