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Adopt-a-Village (AAV) Project

The Adopt-a-Village Project is not about big money projects, which might be susceptible to corruption. It is about micro-projects in the main, many not involving cash, and a direct relationship between the Diaspora and villages, systematically reaching every Armenian village.

In 2021, with the recent addition of amazing diaspora coordinators in Germany and the United States, AAV projects are operating in three provinces: Ararat, Shirak and Vayots Dzor.

It's about a transparent, audited and step-by-step arrangement that builds trust, and is totally controlled by the Diaspora representatives, reconnecting the Diaspora with their nation.


Every project's budget and any monies spent during the projects should be published at least once every three months for all the relevant villagers and Diaspora to review. This is in accordance with current Armenian law for regular village budgets.

The Diaspora are expected to coordinate the assistance to the selected village and its environs, but they are not expected to fund or support the village by themselves. The Diaspora are simply reaching out to people and organisations that may be able to help the most vulnerable rural Armenians, and give them hope for the future.

Apart from the value of a direct relationship promoting trust between the Diaspora and rural Armenians, some members of the Diaspora may be encouraged to do personal charity work or even desire to return to Armenia. Other potential benefits include the:

  • promotion of the village and Armenia within the donor nation;

  • welcoming of donor nation tourists and Diaspora in the village; and

  • wider appreciation of Armenia, its culture and the genocide.

The Adopt-a-Village (AAV) concept suggests a systematic approach to ultimately provide all villages, large and small, with Diaspora support. It is intended that the village heads of larger villages should coordinate the AAV communications with the smaller villages in their vicinity, to reduce the workload of the Diaspora. Thus the AAV sign placed in a prominent position near the larger village states that the village and 'its surroundings' have been adopted.


Shirak, Lori and Tavush Provinces

Aragatsotn, Kotayk and Gegharkunik Provinces

Armavir, Ararat and Syunik Provinces

Following is an example of actions that might be taken by the Armenian Diaspora representatives (DR) and village representatives (VR) in sequence:

Step Diaspora Villagers
1. DR advises1 consent to sponsor Erection of an AAV sign2 at the village
2. Development of an AAV web page VR consents to abide by AAV Agreement
3. Advertising about the village Drafting of projects using the Template
4. Assessment of projects Creation of Diaspora accommodation
5. DR advises VR of project consents VR informs villagers
6. Diaspora responds3 to projects Village spreads word about AAV
7. DR directs assistance to VR VR reports on project progress
8. Possible DR village visit VR reports on project completion to DR
9. DR reports to Diaspora and donors VR creates new projects
10. DR assesses new projects VR makes annual report to the Governor

1 During the AAV trial period to us adoptavillagearmenia@gmail; but after the trials, to the Regional Governor

2 Argentina Template, British Isles Template, Canada Template, France Template, Georgia Template, Germany Template, Russia Template, USA Template

3 It is recommended that each micro-project is managed by a member of the Diaspora, and one member of the Diaspora oversees the progress of all the projects

We would like to upscale AAV to benefit all rural Armenian villages, so all 900 villages in Armenia have a mentor!


The apricot - a symbol of Armenian agriculture and the Adopt-a-Village Project

The pomegranate - a symbol of ancient village crops and the Origins Project


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